About us and our employees

The management of Jac. Oudijk

Please to meet you...

Dirk-Jan (left) and Laurens Oudijk (right) together form the management of Jac. Oudijk bv.

They have been associates in the modern family business for nearly 12.5 years.

Their mission is to provide the market daily with a range of top quality germinis.

Andrej - Harvesting Foreman

Andrej has been with Jac. Oudijk Gerberas since 2008.

In these years Andrej has become an experienced foreman in the new 3.8 hectare greenhouse (greenhouse 2). Every day he and his team ensure that the flowers with the right ripeness are harvested. He also sees to it that every plant grows well.

In his section he and his team are also responsible for biological control.

We pick the flowers 6 days a week throughout the year

Ibrahim - Harvesting Foreman

Ibrahim organises the work in greenhouse 1. He has direct contact about the orders with the sales department and people in the barn.

He picks the right amounts for the diamonds, box, buckets, and for the mixed and colour mixes!

Every morning together we immediately pick all orders and send these flowers automatically to the right processing line in the barn.

Kamil - Floor Manager

Kamil is the central point in the barn, he ensures that all orders are properly prepared. He is in contact with sales and colleagues in the greenhouse for the production and sale options. 

With our team we prepare full carts to bouquet level for all our customers.

Dennis - Student

Picking gerberas and sorting is clean and light work. Ideal for students. For example, the permanent employees can take a day off on Saturdays and go on holiday during the holiday period. 

Dennis is one of 20 students  who work at Jac. Oudijk. He is the person who guides the younger or new students in the barn. With his years of experience, he is familiar with all duties. Next to his studies in business economics and in addition from Saturdays he also works at Jac. Oudijk on other days. He then works where he is needed.

Working at Jac. Oudijk is ideal for me. If I have a day off from my studies, I can always come to work, you won't find that anywhere else.

Jeannette Moerman - Admin

Jeannette has been working as an administrator for the company since 2008. She takes care of the entire financial, personnel and payroll administration. Even though she does not work directly with colleagues from the workplace, she is at the centre of the company's team. Everyone within the company can contact her for questions (and days off) and she offers people a listening ear.

I am the administrative centre within the company, who everyone can go to.

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