At Jac. Oudijk sustainability is considered to be of paramount importance!


Solar panels 

In April 2018, 1200 solar panels were installed on the barn. This is comparable with the amount of Kwh consumed by 100 households per year. 


Air dehumidification

In 2018 and 2019, investments were made in an air dehumidification system. This system extracts moisture from the air that had previously been stoked out of the greenhouse by the heat. With this new system, gas consumption is  reduced by 40%!


Double screen cloth

By closing these double cloths, up to 75% energy is saved in the winter!



In the hot summer, the roof irrigation of the greenhouse is used. The cold water that is sprayed on the greenhouse cools the greenhouse. The windows are closed for this and that saves on CO2.


The excess water that is given to the plants is collected. It is disinfected so that it can be reused. In this way, no water or artificial fertiliser is lost and it doesn't end up in the surface water!


The diseases and pests are combatted with natural enemies. This reduces the use of chemicals to a minimum.


Water collection

We collect all the rainwater in a basin and in the special sources that have been created for this purpose. This way no water is lost and there is sufficient water supply in the summer.



"All these techniques all contribute to optimal growth of a top quality Germini and also to lessen environmental impact!"

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This is the supply certificate for retail, in which traceability, safety and hygiene are demonstrated.


... is the certificate for demonstrably good working conditions.


... is the certificate that shows that Jac. Oudijk is the most environmentally friendly.

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