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Decorum - quality, innovation and sustainability


In 1995 the dream was a quality brand that the end customer and distributors cannot ignore. A quality brand that goes hand in hand with innovation and sustainability. And we succeeded. More than 20 years later, Decorum is a household name in the sector. Almost 60 top entrepreneurs, in both flowers and plants, working closely together. Decorum is their brand.

By combining the strengths of all these entrepreneurs, a collective is created that can supply a wide range of quality products. Decorum is therefore more than a label, it is a brand. 

Combining forces ensures that Decorum can be a partner for exporters and end customers. Decorum is the source. Together with the distributors, Decorum can attract end customers and even consumers. We do this with concepts such as Cozy, Yellow and Feel Green. And by organising florist shows. Building flower furniture. Online campaigns. This makes Decorum a professional and reliable partner, where members and employees work passionately by doing what they love: making people happy with flowers and plants.